Eric McKay and Patrick Murtaugh proudly run one of the smallest brewing companies on earth - a nano-brewery if you will.  We painstakingly craft each batch, just a few gallons at a time, with a strict adherence to an unlimited budget for ingredients.  


All of the Lake House beers are developed at our pilot brewery at the lake, where we produce a myriad of ales and lagers, originating from the world's foremost brewing meccas.  We recreate traditional styles from Belgium, Germany, England, and the Czech Republic with a dose of rustic sophistication that is truly American.

From mild session beers to a variety of extreme beers, every batch we produce is sure to be creative, flavorful, and completely original.

Because we hand craft our beers in very limited quantities, most of our output is reserved for family and friends, but on occasion we serve up a batch or two for some lucky craft beer fanatics at a beer festival or bar.

Inspired by our early home brewing adventures on a backyard grill at the lake, our hand crafted ales and lagers are an ode to good times spent with good people.


Eric and Patrick
The Lake House Brewers